FAQ: How Far Is New Mexico From Tucson Arizona?

How far is the New Mexico border from Tucson Arizona?

The distance between New Mexico and Tucson is 329 miles.

How long does it take to get from Tucson to the New Mexico border?

Tucson is an hour’s drive from the Mexico border and less than two hours from Phoenix.

Is Tucson Arizona a good place to live?

Great for Snowbirds & Retirees Warm weather, sunny skies, and little to no snow each year are all reasons why snowbirds like to live in Tucson. With lower independent living costs, a variety of outdoor activities for older adults, and no tax on Social Security benefits, Tucson is a popular place to retire in Arizona.

How bad is Tucson?

Tucson has a high rate of serious crime. According to one website says Tucson is the most dangerous city in the state. With a violent crime rate of 421 incidents for every 100,000 people, Tucson’s violent crime rate is actually higher than the national average.

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Can you see Mexico from Tucson?

Nogales is only about 60 miles south of Tucson on Interstate 19. Before crossing the border. you’ll first arrive in Nogales, Arizona.

Is it safe to visit Nogales Mexico?

The short answer is yes: as long as you take every caution and never travel alone. Keep in mind that the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales is in almost constant use by the international drug trade and human trafficking networks, so crime is never far away.

How much is the shuttle from Tucson to Nogales?

Frequently asked questions for your trip Tucson – Nogales The average bus ticket price from Tucson to Nogales is $20.

Can you walk into Nogales?

Walking is a popular way to cross the border and Nogales, AZ has many guarded parking lots close to the port-of-entry. Just follow Interstate 19 to the end in Nogales and the lot attendants will help you park.

Where should I stop between Tucson and Santa Fe?

Where should I stop along the way?

  • Kartchner Caverns State Park (6 mentions)
  • Willcox.
  • Lordsburg.
  • Deming.
  • Riverbend Hot Springs.
  • Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Albuquerque (94 answers)
  • Old Town Albuquerque (3 mentions)

What is there to see between Sedona and Tucson?

The top stops along the way from Tucson to Sedona (with short detours) are Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, and Musical Instrument Museum. Other popular stops include Montezuma Castle National Monument, Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine Tours Inc., and Phoenix Zoo.

Why is Tucson so bad?

“Tucson is one of the only cities in the Southwest to rank among the worst places to live,” the study reports, before ticking off reasons why that’s so. The economy is slow-growing, the property crime rate is crazy there, and the population is transient, making it difficult to establish a strong community.

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What is the coldest month in Tucson Arizona?

Tucson’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 38.9°F. In June, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 100.2°F.

Is it cheaper to live in Tucson or Phoenix?

The cost of living in Tucson, AZ is -7.9% lower than in Phoenix, AZ. You would have to earn a salary of $55,261 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Tucson, AZ typically pay -4.9% less than employers in Phoenix, AZ.

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