FAQ: What Can You Hunt In New Mexico?

Does New Mexico have good hunting?

In addition to these things, New Mexico offers some of the highest quality hunting of any other western state. Whether you come to New Mexico to hunt elk, deer, pronghorn, oryx or Barbary sheep, we can say with confidence that the quality of these hunts is simply outstanding.

Are there elk in New Mexico?

Today, Rocky Mountain elk once again are abundant in Northern New Mexico, and they grace the valleys and mountains of the southern half of the state where once the Merriam’s roamed. Elk calves are born in late May and June, and weigh 30 to 40 pounds.

What is a legal bull elk in New Mexico?

“Mature bull” or “MB” shall mean a male elk with at least one brow tine extending six or more inches from the main beam or at least one forked antler with both branches six or more inches long.

How do you become a game warden in New Mexico?

New Mexico Game Warden Eligibility Requirements

  1. Age: 18 years of age or older at the time of academy training.
  2. Citizenship: Proof of U.S. citizenship or of permanent resident alien status for those who are eligible and have applied for citizenship.
  3. License: A valid New Mexico-issued driver’s license is required.
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What is the best unit to hunt elk in New Mexico?

South central New Mexico is home to some of the states best elk hunting with units 34 & 36 leading the way. The two units have been consistent producers of quality bulls (300+) with truly giant bulls (370+) being taken out of both units every year.

Does New Mexico have good elk hunting?

New Mexico is a great state for elk hunting.

Where are the biggest elk in New Mexico?

Located in the top trophy elk-producing county (Catron) from 2000 to 2009, the areas within the Gila National Forest consistently produce the best bulls in New Mexico. Any of the “16” areas have the potential to produce a trophy, but according to “Eastman’s Hunting Journal,” the top areas are 16A, 16C and 16D.

Are there elk in Ruidoso NM?

While elk hunting remains popular in the state, elk viewing is a big draw for tourists as well as locals in the Ruidoso area. The community has lived with herds of mule deer for decades.

Are there wild elk in Mexico?

Historical biogeography suggested that by the late Holocene the southernmost elk distribution was in Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Texas. Available information indicated that elk have never occurred naturally in Mexico.

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