FAQ: When Is New Mexico Elk Draw?

What are the chances of drawing an elk tag in New Mexico?

In accordance with state law, the draw attempts to distribute a minimum of 84 percent of the licenses for each hunt to New Mexico residents, 10 percent to residents or nonresidents who’ve contracted with an outfitter and 6 percent to nonresidents who have not contracted with an outfitter (this does not prohibit

How does NM big game draw work?

The draw system in New Mexico You have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. So when they pull your application they are going to look at each one of those and try to allocate you your choice and if all the tags are gone and filled after they have considered all three of your choices they will go to the next applicant.

Where is the best elk hunting in New Mexico?

South central New Mexico is home to some of the states best elk hunting with units 34 & 36 leading the way. The two units have been consistent producers of quality bulls (300+) with truly giant bulls (370+) being taken out of both units every year.

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Does New Mexico have over the counter elk tags?

California, Nevada and New Mexico do not offer any OTC Elk tags, so all elk tags in these states are limited entry only. Some of the OTC tags are not limited except in certain units, while other tags may be limited state-wide.

Is New Mexico a draw state for elk?

New Mexico Residents Only for Cow Elk and WMA Hunts Nonresidents are allowed to apply for Either Sex (ES) and Mature Bull (MB) Elk Draw Licenses and they are allowed to purchase a private-land elk license to hunt any legal elk. Nonresidents may also apply for hunts that occur concurrently on both WMAs and public lands.

Are elk in New Mexico?

BRINGING BACK THE ELK Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) exist in New Mexico because the state and private individuals made persistent efforts to restore the animals between 1910 and 1966.

How much does a cow elk tag cost in New Mexico?

Cow only tags for Resident: $70.00, Non Resident: $354.00.

Is New Mexico good for hunting?

Whether you’re hunting grouse, squirrels, quail or waterfowl, or holding out for that elusive trophy bull elk, mule deer or pronghorn, New Mexico’s hunting opportunities are as abundant and diverse as its terrain and habitat.

Does New Mexico have preference points for elk?

Idaho and New Mexico are the only states that do not accrue any benefit to unsuccessful applicants. Simply put, a preference point system awards the tags to the applicant with the most points. A preference point is earned each year you strike out and don’t draw.

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How are New Mexico draw odds calculated?

Historically, the most common way to calculate draw odds in New Mexico was to take the total tags available and divide that number by the total applicant pool.

Are there elk in Ruidoso NM?

While elk hunting remains popular in the state, elk viewing is a big draw for tourists as well as locals in the Ruidoso area. The community has lived with herds of mule deer for decades.

Where are the biggest elk in New Mexico?

Located in the top trophy elk-producing county (Catron) from 2000 to 2009, the areas within the Gila National Forest consistently produce the best bulls in New Mexico. Any of the “16” areas have the potential to produce a trophy, but according to “Eastman’s Hunting Journal,” the top areas are 16A, 16C and 16D.

Does New Mexico have good elk hunting?

New Mexico is a great state for elk hunting.

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