Quick Answer: What Is The Weather In Gallup New Mexico?

How cold does it get in Gallup New Mexico?

In Gallup, the summers are warm, the winters are freezing and windy, and it is dry and mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 16°F to 87°F and is rarely below 2°F or above 93°F.

What was the high temperature in Gallup New Mexico today?

High 66F. Winds light and variable.

What is the weather like in northern New Mexico?

Conditions in the northern part of New Mexico are warm during summer. While it’s usually still pleasant in cities like Santa Fe or Albuquerque, temperatures regularly drop below freezing during winter at higher elevations. In comparison, southern New Mexico experiences hot, dry summers and mild winters.

Is Gallup NM a good place to live?

In Gallup it is a very diverse town with mostly Native Americans. It is a beautiful town with the great heritage of the Navajo it is one of the small towns that is welcoming. Living there almost my entire life has made me appreciate the culture and hospitality of the town.

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What is the crime rate in Gallup NM?

Gallup, NM crime analytics With a crime rate of 85 per one thousand residents, Gallup has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 12.

What is the elevation of Gallup NM?

The City of Gallup and a portion of McKinley County are located on the Colorado Plateau, an area of high desert country. The elevation at Gallup is approximately 6,515 feet above sea level.

What city in New Mexico has the best weather?

Farmington had some of the best weather in our ranking, with clear skies and an average summer temperature of 73 degrees, and at 19 minutes, folks here had one of the lowest average commute times on our list.

What is the coldest month in New Mexico?

Albuquerque’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 23.8°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 92.3°F.

Why is it so cold in New Mexico?

From Albuquerque north, the state takes on a noticeably colder climate. This is mainly because the elevation rises steadily from around 5,000 feet to 7,000 feet in Santa Fe and northward. Summers are warm (low 80s°F) and very pleasant, while winters get quite cold (low 40s°F) and see plenty of snow in the mountains.

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