Quick Answer: Where Can I Sell Nambe Ware In Santa Fe New Mexico?

Who buys Nambe?

A Santa Fe-based company known for its polished aluminum alloy kitchenware and home décor has been acquired by a British manufacturer and worldwide distributor. The Santa Fe New Mexican reports Portmeirion Group’s purchase of Nambé LLC for $12 million from the Hillenbrand family closed Tuesday.

What does Nambe sell?

Nambe offers a versatile collection of home accessories, kitchenware, and serveware in timeless designs and artistic patterns. The label collaborates with some of the finest designers in the world to create products that conform to form as well as function.

Why is Nambe so expensive?

Nambe’s products are made of a ‘patented metal alloy’. They are a high-end manufacturer and often contract with top designers, hence most of their products are expensive. However, those shakers just sold this morning so are no longer available from us.

What kind of metal is Nambe?

It traces its history no further back than 1951, when a Los Alamos metallurgist discovered a durable new aluminum alloy, which he called Nambe. This alloy, it turned out, is incredibly nonporous, while relatively lightweight and superb at retaining both heat and cold for long periods.

Where is Nambe?

Wooden Nambé items are made in Thailand and the stainless steel flatware in Vietnam. With the company owners overseas, the move away from its origins is complete. Still, Nambé products are seasoned by their roots here, as well as the company’s continuing commitment to elegant, classic designs.

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Is Nambe good quality?

Think of it as a functional work of art! Additionally, Nambé alloy naturally has excellent qualities of temperature retention, making it perfect for serving both hot and cold dishes. With proper care, your Nambé product will look beautiful and maintain its lustrous finish for many years.

How old is Nambe?

The Pueblo of Nambé has existed since the 14th century and is a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos. It was a primary cultural, economic, and religious center at the time of the arrival of Spanish colonists in the very early 17th century.

Is Nambe made in New Mexico?

Until about 10 years ago, Nambé’s signature aluminum alloy products were manufactured in New Mexico. Now, Robedee said such merchandise is produced in India, while wooden items are made in Thailand and stainless steel flatware in Vietnam.

What is Nambe?

The word “Nambé” (pronounced na:m’bei), comes from the Native American Tewa tradition, meaning ” People of the round earth.” The native people have described Nambé as being “born of the earth and the fertile imagination.”

Is Nambe Lake open?

The Recreation Area Is Now Open For The 2021 Season.

How do you clean discolored Nambe?

If discoloration occurs on bowls and platters, it can often be removed with our exclusive Nambe Polish. To remove fine scratches on Nambe bowls or platters, use(000) or ( 0000 ) steel wool and a small amount of Nambe Polish. Buff with a soft, clean cloth.

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