Readers ask: Canyon In New Mexico Where Silverado Was Filmed?

Where in New Mexico was the movie Silverado filmed?

Cerro Pelon Ranch (originally called the Cook Ranch, and later the Cook Movie Ranch) is a large ranch estate in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. About thirty Hollywood productions have been filmed there, including Silverado, Lonesome Dove, Wild Wild West, 3:10 to Yuma, and Thor.

Where was Silverado filmed?

The film was shot primarily on location at the Cook Ranch in New Mexico. In 1984, Lawrence and Mark Kasdan and crew were out scouting a remote area of New Mexico by helicopter, hoping to find the most suitable place to build the town of Silverado.

Where was opening scene of Silverado filmed?

New Mexico ‘ In 2001, the property was bought by fashion designer Tom Ford, and now, it has been expanded to include multiple modern facilities and structures. Other than Cook Ranch, the opening scene of ‘Silverado’ was shot in White Rock (also in New Mexico).

Is Silverado a real place?

Founded in 1878, Silverado, a California Historical Landmark, is an unincorporated community in Silverado Canyon, which is located in the Santa Ana Mountains in eastern Orange County, California. The town in Spain by that name bears a remarkable resemblance to Silverado.

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Where in New Mexico was the wind filmed?

Santa Fe County, New Mexico ‘The Wind’ was filmed in New Mexico, around its capital city of Santa Fe, which lies in Santa Fe County. The outskirts of the city contain large tracts of sparsely populated plain land, which is perfect for recreating the backdrop for the horror movie that explores solitude.

How old is Scott Glenn?

Malachi “Mal” Johnson (Danny Glover) uses a Winchester 1866 “Yellow Boy” rifle mocked up like a Henry 1860 by removing the fore-end. The dead giveaways are the loading gate on the receiver and the lack of a magazine tube slit and spring follower under the magazine tube.

What state is Silverado supposed to be?

It is located in New Mexico. The set is now known as Cerro Pelon Ranch. It is located at 5547 Highway 41, North Galisteo, New Mexico. In 1984, Lawrence and Mark Kasdan were scouting for locations in New Mexico to build a township for their film.

How old was Kevin Costner when he played Robin Hood?

Kevin Costner, 36, had his own doubts about doing justice to the rakish Robin Hood. The first time he was offered the script, he turned it down.

How old is Kevin Kline?

A look at his life and career, in photos. Actor and activist Danny Glover was born July 22, 1946.

Is Silverado Canyon a safe place to live?

Is Silverado, CA Safe? The D- grade means the rate of crime is much higher than the average US city. Silverado is in the 13th percentile for safety, meaning 87% of cities are safer and 13% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Silverado’s proper boundaries only.

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Was there supposed to be a sequel to Silverado?

The final line of SILVERADO, “We’ll be back!”, shouted by Costner as he and Glenn ride ‘into the sunset’, has had countless fans wishing that a follow-up movie had been made (a 1999 nationwide video poll chose SILVERADO as the film “Most Deserving of a Sequel”), but time has, sadly, eliminated that possibility.

Is there a town called Silverado in Colorado?

Silverado Is Spent: Boom Days of Once-Bustling Mining Town Are Buried in the Past. In a quiet, wooded area on a mountainside here, remains of an old silver mill sleep under a hot sun. No roads reach into this section of Pine Canyon. A steep footpath is the only access.

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