Readers ask: What Are Is The Treasure Buried In New Mexico?

Where is the treasure in New Mexico?

Buried Treasure in New Mexico Sites

  • Gila Cliff Dwellings is located on State route 26, approximately 48 miles north of Silver City.
  • Shiprock Peak is located 5 miles west of Shiprock.
  • The Mexican Millionaire Cache is located somewhere between Shiprock Peak, and the Mesa Verda National Park.

Where exactly was Forrest Fenn’s treasure found?

The finder would not say, but a month later, Fenn revealed the treasure had been found in Wyoming. Then, two months later, on September 7, 2020, Forrest Fenn died at his home. He had just turned 90 years old.

Did the Forrest Fenn treasure get found?

Fenn announced in June that the treasure had been found — but he wouldn’t say where exactly it was found or who found it. Fenn died in September at age 90. His family confirmed on Monday that it was Stuef who found Fenn’s treasure.

Has buried treasure been found?

No treasure has been reported to be found yet. Buried treasure is not the same as a hoard, of which there have been thousands of examples found by archaeologists and metal detectors.

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What is the most famous lost treasure?

Here are 10 lost treasures of the world whose value cannot be measured.

  • Lost Dutchman Mine.
  • The Library of the Moscow Tsars.
  • The Amber Room.
  • Ark of the Covenant.
  • Romanov Easter Eggs.
  • Jewels of King John.
  • Lost Inca Gold.
  • Dead Sea Copper Scroll Treasures. Fragment of a Dead Sea Scroll, Jordan Museum, Amman.

Can you find gold in New Mexico?

There is plenty of gold in New Mexico. It may not have as much mining as you will find in neighboring Arizona, but a prospector can still find plenty of gold here. New Mexico has a lot of gold, but it is generally very fine.

What is the home of Brown?

Some treasure seekers have interpreted “home of Brown” in the poem to refer to trout waters, as Fenn is an avid fisherman. Credit: both: Mary Caperton Morton. “The Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe” is a lot of ground to cover.

Is Forrest Fenn still alive?

Deceased (1930–2020)

Was the golden owl ever found?

The Golden Owl or ‘La chouette d’or’ Unfortunately, since the book’s publication in 1993, the owl’s location has never been uncovered. The only one knowledgeable was Hauser himself and since his tragic death in April 2009, the golden owl has remained more mysterious than ever.

Who found the Forrest Fenn treasure?

The student, Jack Stuef, 32, discovered the stash of gold nuggets, gemstones and pre-Columbian artifacts on June 6 in Wyoming, the grandson of the now-deceased antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn wrote on a website dedicated to the treasure. Mr.

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How much is the Fenn treasure worth?

Forrest Fenn reunited with his hidden treasure. Photo by Jack Stuef. The hopes and dreams of thousands were crushed in June, when Forrest Fenn announced that his storied hidden treasure, said to be worth $2 million, had been found.

Can you keep treasure you find?

If the found property is lost, abandoned, or treasure trove, the person who found it gets to keep it unless the original owner claims it (so actually, unless the original owner claims it, the rule is “finders keepers”).

How far down is buried treasure?

Some YouTubers have found the buried treasure chest to be around 40 blocks down in an underground cave system. Gamers have also noticed that buried treasure chests never usually appear under a stone. They can appear under sand or gravel, though.

Who finally found the treasure What was it?

Jack Stuef announced in a Medium post that he is the person who claimed the 42-pound bronze chest — brimming with gold, precious jewels, diamonds and other artifacts. He found it in June after tracking the treasure’s whereabouts for two years as he studied clues in a poem in Fenn’s memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase.”

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