Readers ask: When Do The Sandhill Cranes Leave New Mexico?

What month do sandhill cranes migrate south?

The earliest we typically see (or hear) cranes is late September, with the peak of the migration occurring from late October through early November and ending sometime in December. During this time the cranes rarely stay for an extended period, usually just over night.

Where are the sandhill cranes in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, the principal wintering area for lesser sandhill cranes is along the Pecos Valley with the majority wintering on Bitter Lakes NWR. Other sizable populations are scattered near the city of Portales and Grulla NWR in Roosevelt County.

Are cranes still at Bosque del Apache?

Even without its annual festival this year, Bosque del Apache’s migration of sandhill cranes, snow geese, and ducks makes a spectacular show. While the in-person festival is canceled this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, the birds will still be there.

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Where do sandhill cranes spend the winter?

Three subpopulations of sandhill cranes are migratory: the lesser, greater, and Canadian sandhill cranes. All of these subspecies spend winters in the south and summers at their breeding grounds. The cranes winter in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico.

What eats a sandhill crane?

In Oregon and California, the most serious predators of flighted juveniles and adults has been cited as golden eagles and bobcats, the most serious predators of chicks are reportedly coyotes, ravens, raccoons, American mink, and great horned owls, roughly in descending order.

What is a flock of sandhill cranes called?

A group of cranes has many collective nouns, including a “construction”, “dance”, “sedge”, “siege”, and ” swoop ” of cranes.

Can you hunt sandhill cranes in NM?

Migratory Game Bird Permits Each eastern sandhill crane hunter must possess the appropriate license(s) (page 6), plus an Eastern Sandhill Crane Hunting Permit (free). There is no limit on the number issued and no application deadline. A federal Duck Stamp is not required to hunt sandhill cranes.

Does New Mexico have sandhill cranes?

Sandhill cranes typically begin to arrive in central New Mexico and at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in late October and stay through mid February. Family groups migrate together, with juvenile birds typically staying with their parents through their first winter.

Where are the sandhill cranes in Albuquerque?

In Albuquerque in the fall we celebrate one of our most beautiful and cherished seasonal visitors, the Sandhill Crane. One of the best places for watching the Sandhill Crane is the Open Space Visitor Center, which is located adjacent to farm fields managed by the Open Space Division as wildlife habitat.

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What birds are at Bosque del Apache now?

Over 340 species of birds live here. During winter, there are huge flocks of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes; dabbler ducks abound (35000+); Black-throated and Sage Sparrows can be found in the drier areas; and raptors including Bald Eagles and Ferruginous Hawks are present.

Are there birds at Bosque del Apache?

Songbirds. Bosque del Apache is home and rest-stop for a large variety of songbirds. Year-round residents include spotted towhee, black phoebe, greater roadrunner, and curve-billed thrasher. Winter brings song sparrow, western bluebird, and white-crowned sparrow.

Are dogs allowed in Bosque del Apache?

Pets and other Plants and Animals Obtain appropriate refuge-specific regulations for hunting and fishing from the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge website. Pets must be physically restrained on a leash no longer than six feet in length. Pets are not allowed in the Visitor Center.

Can you eat sandhill crane?

Sandhill cranes are not big fish eaters, so they’re not in competition with fishermen or fish farmers. Unlike cormorants, however, the flesh of sandhill cranes is edible and is reported by hunters to taste much like pork chops, so the birds are not merely killed and composted, but are also consumed.

Do sandhill cranes return to the same nest every year?

Sandhill cranes will return to the same general area every year to nest, that is, cranes have high nest site fidelity. And they typically build a nest in the same or similar spot. Sandhill cranes typically nest over standing water in an area with emergent vegetation.

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How do you tell male and female sandhill cranes apart?

Sandhill crane males are slightly larger than females, weighing up to 14 pounds. Females remain closer to 10 pounds. The birds grow up to 5 feet in height measured from toe to the top of the head when they are standing on the ground. The male is generally a couple inches taller than the female.

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