Readers ask: Where Can You Ski In New Mexico?

Does New Mexico have skiing?

The ski season in New Mexico runs from about mid-December to mid-March. The resorts are relatively high in elevation, but the strong sun and southern location tends to melt the snow quickly, especially in the spring. For ideas on where to hit the slopes, see our list of the best ski resorts in New Mexico.

What months can you ski in New Mexico?

The ski season in numerous New Mexico resorts varies from mid-December to early April, with the best snow conditions for winter sports lovers between February and early March. So here are some of the state’s most popular ski resorts for your attention.

How close is skiing to Albuquerque?

Skiing Outside Albuquerque Several ski areas, including Ski Santa Fe, the Taos Ski Valley, Angel Fire, and Red River, are located within a one- to three-hour drive of Albuquerque, so you can make Albuquerque your base camp while you take day trips to conquer the slopes.

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Do you have to quarantine to ski in New Mexico?

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Several New Mexico ski resorts say they legally cannot enforce the governor’s mandatory 14-day travel quarantine, for people visiting from high-risk states. Seven of the eight ski areas in New Mexico are located on federal land.

Which is Better Angel Fire or Taos?

Taos is more for advanced skiers so if you have beginners or green run skiers in the group, go elsewhere. Of the remaining choices I would go with Angel Fire which has a good mix of runs for all skill levels with good green and easy blues. There are plenty of condos by or a short shuttle ride from the lifts.

Does New Mexico have mountains?

Mountains are New Mexico’s most memorable natural characteristic. They are present in or visible from all but a few counties on the extreme eastern border, and they impact the climate and provide a watershed for most of the state. Above timberline, year-round snow peaks exist in every quadrant of the state.

Where is the most snow in New Mexico?

The snowiest place in New Mexico is the mountain town of Red River. According to, over the past 30 years, the town has averaged a total annual snowfall of 151.1 inches. That translates into 12.59 feet of snow.

What is ski season in Santa Fe?

The season typically lasts from late fall through early spring, bringing up to 300 inches of snow a year to some ski resorts and plenty of races, winter festivals and other events. With an average of 300 sunny days a year and plenty of snow during the winter season, Santa Fe is a skier’s paradise.

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Is Red River or Angel Fire better?

Don’t get me wrong, Taos is fun skiing for those who know what they are doing but Angel Fire is best for those who have never skied at all. Red River is alright for beginners but does not have as many or as long or as wide runs for beginners. Angel Fire also has snow boarding and tubing if your teens are interested.

Does it snow in Santa Fe NM?

Snow season occurs from November through April, with an average of 32 inches of snow in town and up to 300 inches in the ski areas. The low humidity and smog-free skies make the Santa Fe climate one of the healthiest in the United States.

Is Angel Fire open for 2021 skiing?

Angel Fire Resort is planning to keep the ski mountain open through March 21, 2021. The longer season ties into many southern states Spring Break calendars.

Is Angel Fire ski resort open coronavirus?

Angel Fire Resort Official COVID-19 Statement We are fully operational and are planning to remain open until our regularly scheduled last day of Sunday, March 22, 2020. As always, we are encouraging everyday preventative measures to help stop the spread of germs, as is typical during flu and cold season.

Can you ski in New Mexico in the summer?

New Mexico’s ski areas are open for business — even during the summer season! You might be aware of the world-class skiing and riding during the winter, but the mountain is just as cool during the summer.

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