Readers ask: Where Is The Hot Air Balloon Festival In New Mexico?

Where is the big balloon festival in New Mexico?

Where is Balloon Fiesta? The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® takes place annually at Balloon Fiesta Park in the northern part of the city. Balloon Fiesta Park is located at 4401 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113.

In which city in New Mexico can you visit the largest hot air balloon festival in the world?

ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA This is the largest ballooning event on earth, the most photographed event on earth, and the largest annual international event held in the United States. The New Mexico skies are painted as hundreds of balloons lift off from Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta Park.

Will there be an Albuquerque balloon Festival in 2021?

Albuquerque, NM -The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® is set to launch from Balloon Fiesta Park, October 2-10, 2021. The 49th event, themed “Time Flies,” will feature more than 600 hot air balloons, of which 100 are anticipated to be special shaped balloons.

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Is the Albuquerque balloon Festival still on?

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is continuing with plans to launch the 49th event on October 2, 2021. Balloon Fiesta’s main focus is staging a safe event for our pilots, balloon crews, volunteers and guests.

Where should I stay for the Balloon Fiesta?

Holiday Inn Express – Balloon Fiesta Park is a 2.5 star hotel located at 5401 Alameda Blvd Ne in Albuquerque. It has a 3.5 overall guest rating based on 162 reviews.

How much does it cost to ride in a hot air balloon in Albuquerque?

General admission for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta costs $10 per person; children 12 and younger can enter for free. The festival also offers a bundle of five general admission tickets for $45.

What can I bring to a hot air balloon festival?

General Admission P350. Tickets will be available at the gates during the fiesta. They open at 5 AM on February 11 to 14, 2016. SM Ticketnet outlets in Metro Manila also sell general admission tickets. What To Bring:

  • Sunblock.
  • Cap.
  • Umbrella.
  • Extra Money.
  • Picnic Cloth (Optional)
  • Water.
  • Kites (Optional)
  • Camera (A Must)

How much is a hot air balloon ride?

The cost of a hot air balloon ride is usually determined by several variables. But generally speaking, each ride runs about $200–$300 per person. However, with a Groupon, you a find similar hot air balloon ride prices for as low as $129 per person, including a post-flight champagne toast.

How much does a hot air balloon cost?

How much does a hot air balloon cost. The cost of a commercial hot air balloon is around $92,000 – $105,000. That cost could balloon to $130,000 to $155,000 depending on the type of fabric, design, basket complexity, and burner model. Most commercial hot air balloons carry 6-20 people.

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Can you ride in a hot air balloon at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival?

It is quite an amazing site to take flight in a hot air balloon over Albuquerque during the annual Balloon Festival. Not only are the scenes and views gorgeous, but you truly feel like you are part of something magical as you join the fleet of balloonists sharing the skies during the spectacular event.

Is Albuquerque safe?

With a crime rate of 71 per one thousand residents, Albuquerque has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 14.

Are hot air balloons safe?

From a statistical point (The Aviation Accident Database), the FAA finds that hot air ballooning is the safest form of all air travel and rarely involved in aviation crashes. In fact, the FAA has found that you are more likely to be injured driving a car than flying in an airplane or hot air balloon!

What is Albuquerque known for?

Albuquerque is known throughout the nation for its Christmas decorations. There are many museums to visit, including the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, National Atomic Museum, Albuquerque Museum, University of New Mexico Fine Art Museum, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.

Is the New Mexico State Fair Cancelled this year?

What are the Best Days to attend the Balloon Fiesta? There is generally no best day to attend the Balloon Fiesta, but the most popular event is the morning mass ascensions which generally take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as on one of the weekday mornings.

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