Where Is Cannon Air Force Base In New Mexico?

How many people can be on a Cannon AFB?

Cannon AFB is also home to the 27th Special Operations Maintenance Group and 27th Special Operations Medical Group. About 2,500 people live on-base.

When did Cannon Air Force Base close?

Post-war demobilization saw flying operations nearly cease with the exception of the rare refueling of transient aircraft. By May 28, 1947, Clovis Army Air Field ‘closed its doors’ as the base was placed on the inactive list.

What does Cannon Air Force Base do?

Role and operations The group accomplishes global special operations taskings as an Air Force component member of the United States Special Operations Command. It conducts infiltration/ exfiltration, combat support, helicopter and tilt-rotor aerial refueling, psychological warfare and other special missions.

What Air Force bases are in New Mexico?

New Mexico Military Bases include Los Alamos Demolition Range, White Sands Missile Range, Cannon Air Force Base, Holloman Air Force Base, and Kirtland Air Force Base.

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Is Cannon AFB open to retirees?

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – Clovis Air Force Base has reopened for retirees and VA beneficiaries. The base’s commissary, exchange services and medical facilities are back open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week.

How was the Cannon Air Force Base significant to World War II?

How was the Cannon Air Force Base significant to WWII? At the start of World War II, it became Clovis Municipal Airport, then Clovis Army Air Field after World War II. During World War II, the base’s flying schools trained B-17, B-24, and B-29 pilots, but training stopped as it became part of the Manhattan Project.

What did Holloman Air Force Base AFB develop as its mission?

Alamogordo Army Air Field was established in 1942. Renamed the Holloman AFB, it became the primary site for development and testing of guided missiles and non-piloted aircraft. Holloman is also the home of Holloman Aero-Medical (HAM) laboratory, used for space research. Holloman was home to the ‘stealth’ bombers.

What New Mexico town is Kirtland AFB located in?

The 377th Air Base Wing is the host organization at Kirtland Air Force Base, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Is there a military base in Mexico?

Base Aerea Militar No. New Mexico has one Army base. This base was created in New Mexico Forts of the Old West. Alphabetical list of forts reservations blockhouses named camps National and State Homes for soldiers national cemeteries etc in the United States from its earliest settlement to date.

What Majcom is Holloman AFB?

The Major Command at Holloman is the Air Combat Command (ACC). The F-117 Stealth Fighter has been retired. The 49th Wing supports national security objectives as directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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What is the largest Air Force base in the world?

Positioned on Northwest Florida’s pristine Emerald Coast between Pensacola and Panama City, Eglin AFB is the largest Air Force base in the world and lays claim to over 700 acres of diverse terrain including forests of pine trees, swamps, and white sand beaches.

What units are at Holloman AFB?

Major units at Holloman AFB include:

  • 16th Training Squadron.
  • 29th Attack Squadron.
  • 44th Fighter Group.
  • 49th Aerospace Medicine.
  • 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.
  • 49th Civil Engineering Squadron.
  • 49th Communications Squadron.
  • 49th Comptroller Squadron.

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