Where To Go Metal Detecting In New Mexico?

Can you pan for gold in New Mexico?

The Rio Grande River is known to contain gold in many places. Gold deposits are also found in areas along the river and creeks draining in the river. The old mining camps along the river are some of the best places to start your prospecting if you are new to this area. A Resource for New Mexico Prospectors!

Can you metal detect at a national park?

Metal detecting is prohibited in National Parks and also on many public lands including city and state parks. Be sure to check the regulations before you dig.

Can you metal detect on BLM land?

Note: You cannot use a metal detector in national parks, state parks, or wilderness areas. Always get permission to prospect on private property. Most BLM land is open for prospecting, if it has not been placed in a protected status. To be safe, check with the local rangers when in doubt.

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Do you need a permit to pan for gold in New Mexico?

Prospectors, Gold Panners (dredging not included), and Rock Collectors causing little or no surface disturbance with hand tools only, under 2 cubic yards per year do not require a permit from the state of New Mexico.

Where is the most gold found in New Mexico?

1. Moreno River. Some placer gold has been mined from the western side of the Moreno River within Taos County. The Elizabethtown area is one of New Mexico’s richer mining areas with many large gold nuggets to its credit, but finer gold has been found in the Moreno River.

What happens if I find gold in a national park?

In California, there is a law mandating that any found property valued over $100 be turned over to police. Authorities must then wait 90 days, advertise the lost property for a week, and finally release it to the person who found it if no one could prove ownership.

Do you need permission to use metal detector on beach?

The beach can be a great place to carry out your hobby of metal detecting. Anyone wishing to carry out metal detecting on the beach often referred to as the Crown Estate foreshore (defined as the land between mean high water and mean low water) may do so without a formal consent from The Crown Estate.

Where is the best place to metal detect?

20 Places to Metal Detect: A List of the Best Places to Go Metal

  • Your own front and back yard.
  • School Yards or Grounds.
  • Sporting Fields.
  • Old Drive-In Theaters.
  • City Parks.
  • Hunting Camps and Lodges.
  • Beaches.
  • Renaissance Fairs and Fair Grounds.
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Is metal detecting illegal?

Metal detectors are banned in all US federal and national parks. Additionally, no monuments or historical sites allow you to use a metal detector on their grounds. Additionally, in theory, you could be arrested for simply having a metal detector in your vehicle.

Can I pan for gold on BLM land?

The short answer is yes. The vast majority of federal lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service (USFS) are open to mineral exploration. This means that you can go out and collect gold, gems and minerals. This includes panning, sluicing, digging with basic hand tools and metal detecting.

Is a metal detector worth it?

Everyone has their own reasons when it comes to starting a hobby. Metal detecting is no different. Regardless your reasons whether it be metal detecting for profit, for exercise, to explore the outdoors, or to just make some new friends, metal detecting is most certainly a hobby that is worth it.

How do I file a gold claim in New Mexico?

Steps in locating a mining claim

  1. Locate the claim (discovery)
  2. Staking the claim.
  3. File the mining claim at the county courthouse and state BLM office.
  4. Contact appropriate federal and state agencies to inquire about regulations for exploration, obtaining exploration and mining permits.

Is there any gold mines in New Mexico?

Gold mining in New Mexico really took off in the late 1800s, with an important strike in the Elizabethtown–Mount Baldy area, near Eagle Nest. Others occurred around Pinos Altos, Silver City, Mogollón, the Jémez Mountains, the Caballo Mountains, and elsewhere.

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What do they mine in New Mexico?

New Mexico currently mines a diverse set of natural resources, and is a leading state in the mining of several minerals, including potash, perlite, zeolite, copper, and molybdenum. New Mexico generates 1.7 percent of total US non-energy minerals production value (not including coal).

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